Scottish Dirks

Scottish Dirks is one of the most distinctive varieties of knives. Owing to its present form, the Scottish Dirk is a massive piece of male jewelry, mounted in gold or silver, capped with semi-precious stones and worn with the kilt as part of formal evening dress.

The first right Dirks appeared in the early 1600’s, evolving from the medieval ballock dagger that was a stabbing weapon, designed to pierce armor, with a thick, sharply-pointed blade. It retained the ballocks between the handle and blade but developed a wide, flaring pommel capped by a circular brass disk.

By the beginning of 1800, the Dirks transformed. The blade of the dark then retained its traditional size and shape, but the hilt began to assume impractical forms. Some looked like three balls stacked one upon the other and others took a final thistle shape having a small handle. Pommels remained significant and became highly decorated with engraving and three-dimensional castings.

Being unique in western culture, the dirk is still made and worn, along with the giant dub, or stocking knife. Although it comes in an infinite variety, it has always been instantly recognizable as a Scottish Dirk.

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