Throwing Stars

Throwing Star or Shuriken is a basic throwing weapon with striking surfaces on all edges. It is specially designed to harm the target regardless of which end it lands on. Some throwing stars or shurikens are diced with poison to accomplish a quick kill.

The Japanese art of Ninjitsu was most known for their use of the throwing star (shuriken). Being masters of concealment and deception, a quick release killing tool was ideal. Throwing stars usually come with 3 points and up to 8 points. They are very sharp and made of stainless steel or other hard metallic material. They are often stashed in pouches and thrown at will at victims. Many years of practice is required to master the Shuriken throwing star. A wooden board or target can be used to practice the art.

The throwing star originated in China. Chinese Kung Fu encompasses many skills, and even Ninjitsu can be traced back to China. The Shuriken or the Ninjitsu Star is a throwing weapon designed to injure or kill the target lethally. It is a stealth weapon as one can easily hide it. The throwing star is made of hard carbon steel and hard and sharp along the edges. It is thrown by gripping the shuriken with the index finger and thumb.

Ninjitsu is in many ways a fusion of these philosophies to become its distinct flavor. The ninja clan was harassed and complicated by the ruling sovereignty of Japan. The government of Japan considered them to be a threat, and rumors flew of their incredible powers. This made the Ninja clan mainly feared among the Shoguns and Samurai.The Ninja worked primarily as farmers and studied Ninjitsu as a means of defense and protection.

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